GOSATS App Review 2022 – Earn Fractional Bitcoin

GOSATS is a FinTech company; which is trying to give you reward points in the form of GOSATS coins which can be converted into fractional bitcoins. You can earn a portion of bitcoin in all your day to day purchase from Swiggy to Myntra; almost everything. All your purchases gets converted into the coin which can be then converted into the bitcoin proportion in exchange. 

X-Factor of GOSATS App

The Founder

The company has been founded by Mohammed Roshan. Check his Profile 

How you can use the App

Let me take you step by step, how to start with the app:


Step 1: Download GOSATS App. Android | Apple 


Step 2: Set-up the same from Mobile No.


Step 3: Now, they have 2 method of purchase; first through vouchers/gift card and the second is you can directly purchase through their app from third party Interface such as Swiggy / Big Basket etc.


Step 4: Search for the company/brand, you want to buy something to check; if they already have the deal. If yes, Go ahead and Buy the approximate amount of Voucher for e.g INR 500 or INR 1000 to start with.


Go Sats coin will be immediately credited to your account.


Note: In case of direct purchase from app interface takes times to credit the GOSATS Coin until till the brand approves it.


Step 5: You also get to Spin the Wheel to Win GOSATS, if you open the app once in a day. 


Steps 6: You can only convert it as bitcoin or transfer to any wallet once you have INR 30,000 GoSats.

Benefits to Users

As of today 2022, GOSATS only converts users redemption points on all purchase in fractional bitcoin. Now, they have also come-up with the GoSats cards which will make easier for user to make payment outside the app as well to earn the fractional bitcoin.
Also, user can spin daily to win additional GOSATS coin.

On and all my personal exprience

I started using GOSATS app to just give a try on other ways to earn a bitcoin and read the story about start-up in another blog. The app is user friendly to use and not much complication. 
The only place it gets a bit complicated is to use the vouchers you buy for other apps, you need to locate the gift voucher option in third party vendor or activate their wallets in some of the apps.
Here are some screenshot for reference: 
Go try out the app; it will just take few more minutes to checkout while paying or you can also use third party’s interface from GOSATS App.
Keep earning bitcoin till next time.

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