What’s FAANG and MAANA Acronym in USA

What’s FAANG and MAANA Acronym in USA

FAANG stock is an abbreviation of mega stocks i.e.








Netflix, and




FAANG stocks is a mingle or short word; naturally referred to compare these companies with any other companies stock price, value, offer or any opportunities for that matter.

How to Use FAANG Acronym

Most of the times FAANG is used for comparision

For example, if you want to compare Adobe’s stock price, you can say return’s is comparatively low/high/stable than FAANG stocks

Re-structuring of FAANG to MAANA

In 2021, Facebook has changed it’s name of legal entity to Meta to explore and expand more to virtual realty and meta-verse world.


In 2015, Google structured it’s company as Alphabet being the holding company and Google as one of the part of all of it’s product holding.

After this update, FAANG stocks should be referred acronym as MAANA stocks.

However, there is another MANA ; which includes Microsoft, Apple , Netflix and Amazon.

Now, you can also style FAANG stocks acronym to weigh up your conversation