CRED Cash: Is it Right For You?

what is Cred Cash

What is CRED Cash? If you are using CRED App, then you will find an option in the app with a circle and some amount based on the your credit score with immediate access. Basically, CRED cash is a personal loan; which you can avail in less than 30 minutes directly credited in your bank … Read more

Three Dots App Review – Gambling the Gamble

The threedots App looks like an aggregator app for all new age broker start-up companies such as Groww, Zerodha, UpStock etc. including crypto. I have just installed threedots App to overview and experience some of the services offered by them. In addition to broking, the app is more concentrating on building a trustful community of … Read more

Tyke App Review: A Guide to Becoming an Angel Investor

Tyke App Review 2022 – Become Angel Investor The dream of investing in FAANG stocks during it’s start-up phase will be always in a wishlist which has been missed out. Still, there is a chance you can still invest in start-ups which can become future FAANG or MAANA stocks. Yes, it’s possible now in India … Read more

Groww App Review

Groww app being one of the star player in the race with many new-age start-up to provide user friendly broker services to the millennials and Gen Z of India.   India still has only 1.2 crore active user only out of total population of 135 crore; which left out a lot of opportunities to all … Read more

CRED App – A Comprehensive Review

CRED has started the journey in 2018 as Credit card payment tech start-up; having simple concept to give you marketing benefit or affiliate benefits of brand offers and discounts based on the points you generate while making payment. Now as on 2023, CRED has evolved as complete fin-tec company providing solution as wallet on various … Read more

GOSATS App Review 2022 – Earn Fractional Bitcoin

GOSATS is a FinTech company; which is trying to give you reward points in the form of GOSATS coins which can be converted into fractional bitcoins. You can earn a portion of bitcoin in all your day to day purchase from Swiggy to Myntra; almost everything. All your purchases gets converted into the coin which can … Read more