CRED Cash: Is it Right For You?

What is CRED Cash?

If you are using CRED App, then you will find an option in the app with a circle and some amount based on the your credit score with immediate access.

Basically, CRED cash is a personal loan; which you can avail in less than 30 minutes directly credited in your bank account without any collateral.

PROS and CONS of CRED Cash

Cred Cash Account

Factors, you should consider before using CRED cash

Reduced Annualized Interest Rate of Return @12.49%:


Don’t go with the wordings shown in CRED App, the effective annual return is @18.69%. 18.69% is much higher than comparison to Personal/Business Loan from bank, which can be somewhere  11-14% based on several factor.


Processing Fees:

There is huge amount of processing fees as well involved in the process which may range 0.5% – 2 % of total transaction value.


Ultra Fast:

All the premium, you pay in interest is sometime worth when you really need the money very fast. Money, literally gets credited in your bank account in less than 30 Seconds.


No Collateral:


Since it’s fast paced-digital loan; there is no collateral needs to be given by borrower. You credit limit is internally calculated by CRED Cash team. Your CRED cash limit can start from INR 30.000 to INR 10,00,000.

Process to Apply for CRED Cash


Whether CRED Cash is right or not depends on several factors and need of an individual. However, the important point is transparency and understanding the terms before taking the debt.


We will cover more shortly on CRED Cash.


Stay Tuned!