How Many People in India Pay Taxes?

direct tax paid by individuals in India in2023

India, with its staggering population, stands as one of the most populous countries globally. However, when it comes to paying direct taxes, the picture is quite different. Let’s delve into the numbers and explore how many Indians contribute to the nation’s tax revenue. The Taxpayer Landscape India’s tax system comprises both direct and indirect taxes. … Read more

Personal Finance – Guidebook for Beginner

Personal Finance basics learning

Introduction Before we start, we all can agree on one thing that these concepts must have been thought to everyone during school learning. Nevertheless let’s start now  Personal Finance, basically means managing his/her own money or family money by an individual to build wealth. Before we understand personal finance more deeper, Let’s first see what all … Read more

Zelle Scams on Facebook Marketplace – Explained

Zelle FB Marketplace fraud

While Zelle itself is a legitimate and secure platform, scammers have found ways to exploit it for fraudulent activities, including zelle scams on Facebook marketplace etc. Zelle is a popular peer-to-peer payment service that enables users to send and receive money quickly and securely. Developed as a collaborative effort among several major U.S. banks, Zelle … Read more

The Five Foundations of Personal Finance: A Easy Guide

Personal finance can be a daunting subject, but it’s essential for achieving fiscalsecurity and success. By fastening on the five foundations of particular finance, you can make a strong fiscal foundation that will help you rainfall unanticipated charges and achieve your long- term fiscal pretensions. 1.Budgeting – Creating a Spending Plan The first foundation of particular … Read more

CRED App – A Comprehensive Review

CRED has started the journey in 2018 as Credit card payment tech start-up; having simple concept to give you marketing benefit or affiliate benefits of brand offers and discounts based on the points you generate while making payment. Now as on 2023, CRED has evolved as complete fin-tec company providing solution as wallet on various … Read more

LinkedIn Salary Tool: Update 2024

LinkedIn Salary Insight Tool

Linked Salary Tool Is No Longer Available LinkedIn Salary Tool has been updated in LinkedIn, they have stopped the service of LinkedIn salary insight tool comparison for individual users  as of now. Below is the screenshot of LinkedIn salary explorer for your reference: You can check below steps in LinkedIn profile, it has been removed. … Read more