LinkedIn Salary Tool: Update 2024

Linked Salary Tool Is No Longer Available

LinkedIn Salary Tool has been updated in LinkedIn, they have stopped the service of LinkedIn salary insight tool comparison for individual users  as of now.

Below is the screenshot of LinkedIn salary explorer for your reference:

You can check below steps in LinkedIn profile, it has been removed.

LinkedIn has currently stopped the service.

How to use LinkedIn Salary Tool? No Longer Applicable

You can check out steps for LinkedIn salary tool  to find salary insight:

Step 1 - Go To Login

Log In to your Profile in LinkedIn or Create a profile, if you have not done yet in LinkedIn.

Step 2 - Tap to profile

Tap to Photo Icon in your Mobile View to open all options available.

Step 3 - Tap to Resources

Tap on “See all resources”

Step 4 - Fill-In your detail

For first time user, you have to give your information. It’s a community service and always works with give and take principle. It’s totally confediental information and no one will know about it. Go ahead and don’t hesitate. It’s completely safe to put salary details in LinkedIn.


Step 5 - Input your search

Put the “Job Profile” and “Location”; You want. 

Step 6 - Analyze the tool insights

Then, you will have many reports such as average salary, additional components, company size-wise salary, field-wise salary, location-wise salary to analyze and do your own research.

You can also check here to see LinkedIn has stopped the service for employees access as well the Linked In Salary Insight Tool .

Now, LinkedIn provides the services to employer only i.e. Talent Insight Tool.

Since, now Linked In has stopped the services, don’t get disappointed as there are many other websites as mentioned to analyze the market salary.

Till then, all the best for negotiation.


LinkedIn has removed the service of LinkedIn salary insight tool from the App or Web. 

Now, you can only delete your salary data from setting-data privacy, if you have submitted it earlier.

Yes, It has been removed. Now, LinkedIn has launched Talent pool Insight only for employer and LinkedIn Salary Tool is not available for employees even in major countries as well like USA, UK, India, Canada etc.