Three Dots App Review – Gambling the Gamble

The threedots App looks like an aggregator app for all new age broker start-up companies such as Groww, Zerodha, UpStock etc. including crypto.

I have just installed threedots App to overview and experience some of the services offered by them. In addition to broking, the app is more concentrating on building a trustful community of traders and investors.

Gamble the Gambling

Additionally, threedots app also allow you to gamble on the next day market movements by giving you option of several stock with some weightage to each stock as well. 

Whoever earns the highest on their portfolio based on the actual movement in stock market wins the maximum coins.

Build the Community

There are several internal groups; where you can get the tips for daily trading or long-term investment. The threedot app tag is Invest with best investor.
You can also get Breaking News Live Group and chat which can help you in predicting next day market move.

threedots app User Experience

I find the threedots app has too much with less navigation in the app. There is very less clarity on products and offering or you can say too many things clubbed at one place.

It can be done much better for users.

The Review of threedots in App Store

The Average review in the Apple Store by the users is 4.6 by only 70-80 users till September 2022. 

On and all My Personal Exprience

I tried to use threedots app from last 2-3 months and even tried to play few gambles or jackpots but I didn’t felt the urge to go back to app or something FOMO, if I didn’t go to the app.


Let’s see how it turns out in next few months.


See you till then. 


19th January 2022

Seed Fund of $4 million by Kalaari Capital; as well backed by Kunal Shah (CRED)

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