Tyke App Review: A Guide to Becoming an Angel Investor

Tyke App Review 2022 - Become Angel Investor

The dream of investing in FAANG stocks during it’s start-up phase will be always in a wishlist which has been missed out. Still, there is a chance you can still invest in start-ups which can become future FAANG or MAANA stocks.

Yes, it’s possible now in India as well. Through Tyke app retail investing.

Trust X-Factor on Tyke App -

Finally, You can invest in a start-up that you love

So I always used to think that how can I invest in start-up at the very beginning stage. Although, there were online market  available for unlisted company but it was also only for somewhat matured company.

What does Tyke app provides is retail investing on the companies when it’s at idea stage or seed stage; where the real oppurtunity and right time hits.

Your experience can't be simpler

Everything can be done via click on the app itself; right from investment to the T-Safe (Tyke-Safe) agreement. The app is completely user friendly. You can regularly check all your investments as well.


Transparency is the key

Start-up investment is risky investment. You should only invest the amount you really don’t care about at all. You have to read all the exit clause and terms  before you have to invest as the exit time period could be very long in such investment through Tyke.

Q&A with Founders and Tyke Community

There will also be a Video Conference Meetings with all founders before you invest the money; wherein you can join and ask relevant question in your mind. Additionally, there are several community as well created by some of the companies and Tyke for regular updates and queries.




On and all My Tyke app Personal Experience

I am using the Tyke App from last 8-10 months and till now I have only invested in 1 company till now of INR 10,000 i.e CSOP. The process was very simple. I also attended the meeting with founders, which was quite interesting and insightful for decision making. Overall, it’s also good to keep an update on what’s happening in start-up world and what’s new coming to disrupt the market even if you choose not to invest.