DOPBNK Full Form – Is it Legit?

DOPBNK full form is “Department of Post Office Bank” of India

You can visits DOPBNK website and know more on offerings of our historic post office bank; who have the highest no of reach to the remotest villages and cities of India

Have you received message from BH- DOPBNK?

You must have received the message from below 

DOPBNK is sending text messages for several reasons. 

Some of them are listed below:

  1. You have saving account with the post office and recently had a transaction with them.
  2. Your KVP/TD/RD/NSC/SCSS is coming to maturity and it’s an intimation email.
  3. To inform the balance of any saving schemes such as KVP/TD/RD/NSC/SCSS
  4. Intimation for closure of any such accounts.

In Short, similar to your normal bank; now DOPBNK will also send messages for all the transaction to improve the experience of citizens in Digital India.

Is DOPBNK Legit or fraud message

DOPBNK is one of the most trusted institution of India.

Now, they are trying to improve there presence as Banking as well with the post office services to citizen.

Historically, It was only looked upon as tax saving bank for several government schemes.

What Should I do with DOPBNK

You should only check whether you have any such KVP/TD/RD/NSC/SCSS investment previously with DOPBNK or you have open a saving account with them.


Also, cross verify the balances with physical documents.


In fact to conclude, you are safe.


Moreover, you can in fact now look to use the post office bank to park your emergency fund; which can be accessed via Debit Card or other banking services provided by DOPBNK.


However, it’s always important to be cautious before clicking on any link in text or email messages.