Gold Price In Dubai – Is It Profitable?

Today's Gold Rate for 1 Tola in Dubai: Update Date - 1st June 2023

In DInar (AED) for 10gm 24Karat Gold Price

AED 2330

Converted into rupees, the rate of Gold is INR 52,409

Comparison of Gold Price

In India, Gold price today can vary from Delhi to Jaipur to Bangalore i.e. based on city could be average from INR 62,000 – 64,000 for 24 Karat Gold.

How much % Gold is cheaper ?

gold file

In General, Gold is cheaper by 10%-15% from India. The main reason of the difference in price is only because of the taxes not charged in Dubai.

However, Dubai has recently launched VAT schemes for other products. So, it may happen that the difference is not there in future; if it become  applicable for Gold as well.

Is the Quality of Gold better in Dubai?

Dubai is popularly know as “City of Gold“. Especially, the 18 Karat and 22 Karat gold is made of proportion of other metals such silver, nickel, zinc, and copper. In Dubai, they use mostly from silver, which makes it of better quality.

Between 25% and 40% of the world’s gold stocks are thought to travel through Dubai each year.

Did I bought too much Gold from Dubai?

Anytime we meet a person coming from Dubai or going to Dubai, the first thing we ask is how much Gold you bought from Dubai as if is going to become rich only from that gold.

In realty, there is a limit on how much you can bring Gold from Dubai to India. To keep it simple for layman;

FOr Man, 20gm maximum upto invoice of INR 50,000.

For Women, 40gm maximum upto invoice of INR 100,000.

How much I have to Pay Extra for excess Gold from Dubai?

Additional Custom Duty Rate for excess Gold to India is approximately @ 36% subject to certain condition. (It can change as per latest update and regulation in law)

FAQ on Gold Price

What is 916 Gold? Is it same as 22k Gold?

Yes, 22k Gold and 916 Gold is same. It means 91.6% is gold and the remaining portion in per gram is other  metal such as silver or copper.

How to check best quality of Gold?

The best quality of Gold can be checked by Certified Hallmark by by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in Gold.  

What are the quality grade of Gold in hallmark?
  1. 22K916 or means 91.6% of Gold
  2. 18K750 or means 75% of Gold
  3. 14K585 or means 58.5% of Gold
How much gram is 1 Tola Gold?

Theoretically, 1 Tola Gold means 11.7 grams of Gold.  However, most of the people refer 1 Tola as 10 gram of gold. Therefore, you should always re-check from seller for clarity. This term is generally used in India.