How to use book now pay later for travel?

Book now pay later is the best option as traveller can get, it was so easy to book my international trip as well. Most of the people think that book now and pay later travel is legit or not, I have recently used makemytrip for my international trip to Europe and it made my life so easy.

The only payment I did for now is INR 1.

book now pay later

Why book now pay later of Makemytrip helpful for me?

1. Lock the price

The worst thing happen in travel plan is the prices shoot up from the date we plan to go and we actually do the booking. Now with book now and pay later makemy trip option, you can do the bookings wherever cancellation options are available (mostly in all cases).

In our case, we planned to go in May to Paris; which is a tourist season; all the prices were quite fluctuating. This option saved us a lot of hustle and money.

2. Using the credit without Credit Card in makemytrip

The best part is that you have to only pay Rs. 1 till the 2-7 days of travel/booking date.

If it’s the middle or end of month and you have cash crunch, you don’t need to bother much or wait for last day of month.

3. Pay Just Rs.1 for travel bookings

Can you believe that you have to pay only Rs. 1 whether you are going domestic or international travel atleast to secure your travel plan under budget.

Obviously, there is a catch, you should never go overboard; because you can book @ Rs.2.

Book now and pay later is safe and good option but it should be used with discipline and budget planning of travel.

4. Plan in Advance with Book now and pay later

We all know that is in the travel plan, you can save a lot of money only; if you are good in planning advance.

When you are not paying anything for booking, planning in advance will not cost you anything. 

5. Use Coupon Code in makemytrip

Just an additional point, you can also use coupon code in addition to the paying Rs.1. What else you need.


In case of Gift Voucher, you need to remove `using coupon code; if the option is not getting activated for payment via gift voucher.


More or less, wherever you can plan ahead and want to save good amount of money, makemytrip book now pay later is a wise and good option, only if you are careful about your budgets and financial plan.