How to cleverly answer expected salary in an Interview?

What’s your expected salary?


This is the most haunting question during interview or the last question, which we all know is going to come.

How to cleverly answer expected salary in an Interview?

The first thing you can do about the expected salary before knowing about how to say it is “Know your Worth


You should do a proper analysis of worth of your skills in the market via several online website for salary comparison. Once you know your worth, then only you can decide how you put it to the interviewer.

Ask it before they ask you the expected salary

In this strategy, you can ask the budget for this particular role of the company. You have to be careful and keep the question in such a shuttle way that it looks very natural and clever.

For e.g.Since this is a new position in company, do you have any budget for this particular role? 


What does company offer for this kind of open position or additional perks, if any.

“Company Name” is such a MNC organization, there must be standard pay structure for this kind of role?

Never Say as per Industry Standard

The most common answer for expected salary especially, fresher gives is “Industry Standard”. The time you say that you have lost all the power of negotiation with the recruiter.


It also give an impression that you don’t have much knowledge about market trends and any expectation on minimum amount you want to do your daily chores. The better way to say expected salary in this situation could be;

How to answer expected salary in an Interview?

For e.g. Based on my current living and basic expenses, I am expecting minimum of XXXX amount. (mostly for fresher)

For experience holder’s, for hike%; they can say the general trend in market is 30% -40%. So I am in that range (Only if you are not under-paid in the last company)

Be Confident in telling your expected salary, if asked

The most important in any communication is the confidence level at which you state the expected pay.

If you will do your market trend of salary comparison thoroughly; you will have much more confidence than candidates coming without any preparation.

Lastly, defeating the fear

Most of the people fail in this question only because of the fear to get rejected because of too high expectation or interviewer getting wrong perception about candidate being greedy person, if they tell clearly about money.


However, the trick lies on the way you say your expected salary to the interviewer based on judging different scenario in that closed interview room or MS teams call. The prominent way to take out that fear is by being prepared, confident and clear in your communication.

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