Best 5 Financial Goal Ideas – You Must Follow

Financial goal ideas can help you set your mark on the foundation of personal finance journey.

Goals must be always achievable with present resource under the current environment otherwise it becomes dreams. financial dream is also good but for this article, we will strict our ideas to achievable financials goals.

How to Set Financial Goal?

1. Separate the financial goals

The best idea for financial goals would be to set separate goals for each of the foundation of personal finance i.e Budgeting, Saving, Investing, Managing Debt and Planning of Unborn.

2. Always set the specific target

Target should also be always measurable and accountable . If we can’t measure the target, the dolphin chemical of our brain is not interested in the goal.

3. Always keep the perspective of time

When you are setting goals, you should always keep the financial goal ideas in terms of both short-term and long-term. Also, few financial goals which are low hanging fruits for you.

5 Financial Goal Ideas for beginners/fresher employee

Illustration I


1. Start a budget in excel sheet for next 3 months.

2. Review the budget in 3 months.


3. Save the first emergency fund in cash for 3 months.

4. Develop habit of small savings of $1 every day.


5. Increase the literacy of Personal Finance.



5 Financial Goal Ideas for Self-employed

Illustration II


1. Start a budget for all income and expenses for 1 year

2. Review the budget every month.


3. Save the first emergency fund in cash for 6 months – 1 year.

4. Cut the 20% every month into saving from profits


5. Create a wealth of USD 250,000


What are the Best Budget Sheet Ideas for Budgeting?

You can take budget sheet ideas directly google or Microsoft template section. However, most of the case budget is always very tailored and personal sheet. Therefore, It’s better to develop own budget sheets in below steps:

  1. Take a blank excel sheet and start naming the columns for particulars, months and amount
  2. Now, categorize the expenses into several heads such as Rental, Grocery, Daily Expenses etc.
  3. Put the values based on your estimate of last month in current month
  4. Now, you can copy/paste the same to no of months you are doing the budget
  5. Adjust each month based on exceptional expenses or additional travel or uncertain expenses
  6. Lastly, check the surplus and deficit and align with your goals. 
How to Monthly Gain Financial Literacy?

To gain financial literacy, you have to Start with small blocks and target each month on specific topics. Here are the ideas on how you can increase your financial literacy monthly:

  1. Follow top 3 monthly newsletter from expert bloggers
  2. Read 5 articles every month on each topic on designated month; one by one and try execution before reading next
  3. Develop your monthly self-learning calendar for personal finance
  4. Try a short course on personal finance, if online content is overwhelming.
What are the Best Money Management Ideas?

Money Management is very crucial for creating wealth and being wealthy as well. Here are quick ideas for managing your money for efficiently:

  1. Stay on budget
  2. Stop over-spending
  3. Always keep a track of incoming and outgoing payments
  4. Don’t be greedy
  5. follow the plan for long-term
  6. Slow and steady always win the race; even in case of money
  7. Avoid Get Rick Quick Scams