Glossary To Know for FinTech Start-ups

FinTech Start-up Glossary



A Fintech means a product which combines technology and finance related services for direct to customers.


InsurTech Start-up


InsurTech companies is a type of fintech start-up companies which provides services related to insurance either guiding the final customer for right insurance as a broker between Insurance companies and final customer or providing insurance services with technology driven for more hassle-free and less confusing exprience for Millennials.

Micro-financing Start-up


Micro-financing is another type of fin-tech companies who are providing loan for small amount of maximum approximately INR 50,000 hassle free with less documents.

Trading Platform Start-up


The difference between trading platform start-up and normal broker is only how’s the user experience and community is built for investment management for millennials and GenZ.

UPI Wallet Start-up


Nevertheless, this one everyone knows; we all have either of one in our mobiles for all our daily payments. It has just taken away the complete not only cash-less but made us card-less too.

Crypto-Exchange Start-up


It’s basically another kind of brokering start-up apps for trading of different kind of crypto-currencies for e.g bitcoin, ethreum, Simba etc.