What’s FAANG and MAANA Acronym in USA

What’s FAANG and MAANA Acronym in USA FAANG stock is an abbreviation of mega stocks i.e.   Facebook,   Amazon,   Apple,   Netflix, and   Google   FAANG stocks is a mingle or short word; naturally referred to compare these companies with any other companies stock price, value, offer or any opportunities for that … Read more

Glossary To Know for FinTech Start-ups

FinTech Start-up Glossary Fintech A Fintech means a product which combines technology and finance related services for direct to customers. InsurTech Start-up InsurTech companies is a type of fintech start-up companies which provides services related to insurance either guiding the final customer for right insurance as a broker between Insurance companies and final customer or … Read more

LinkedIn Salary Tool: Update 2024

LinkedIn Salary Insight Tool

Linked Salary Tool Is No Longer Available LinkedIn Salary Tool has been updated in LinkedIn, they have stopped the service of LinkedIn salary insight tool comparison for individual users  as of now. Below is the screenshot of LinkedIn salary explorer for your reference: You can check below steps in LinkedIn profile, it has been removed. … Read more