Groww App Review

Groww app being one of the star player in the race with many new-age start-up to provide user friendly broker services to the millennials and Gen Z of India.   India still has only 1.2 crore active user only out of total population of 135 crore; which left out a lot of opportunities to all … Read more

Glossary To Know for FinTech Start-ups

FinTech Start-up Glossary Fintech A Fintech means a product which combines technology and finance related services for direct to customers. InsurTech Start-up InsurTech companies is a type of fintech start-up companies which provides services related to insurance either guiding the final customer for right insurance as a broker between Insurance companies and final customer or … Read more

CRED App – A Comprehensive Review

CRED has started the journey in 2018 as Credit card payment tech start-up; having simple concept to give you marketing benefit or affiliate benefits of brand offers and discounts based on the points you generate while making payment. Now as on 2023, CRED has evolved as complete fin-tec company providing solution as wallet on various … Read more

GOSATS App Review 2022 – Earn Fractional Bitcoin

GOSATS is a FinTech company; which is trying to give you reward points in the form of GOSATS coins which can be converted into fractional bitcoins. You can earn a portion of bitcoin in all your day to day purchase from Swiggy to Myntra; almost everything. All your purchases gets converted into the coin which can … Read more

LinkedIn Salary Tool: Update 2024

LinkedIn Salary Insight Tool

Linked Salary Tool Is No Longer Available LinkedIn Salary Tool has been updated in LinkedIn, they have stopped the service of LinkedIn salary insight tool comparison for individual users  as of now. Below is the screenshot of LinkedIn salary explorer for your reference: You can check below steps in LinkedIn profile, it has been removed. … Read more