Zelle Scams on Facebook Marketplace – Explained

Zelle FB Marketplace fraud

While Zelle itself is a legitimate and secure platform, scammers have found ways to exploit it for fraudulent activities, including zelle scams on Facebook marketplace etc. Zelle is a popular peer-to-peer payment service that enables users to send and receive money quickly and securely. Developed as a collaborative effort among several major U.S. banks, Zelle … Read more

Are layoffs effective immediately or on later date?

Are layoffs effective immediately or on later date

Depending on the terms and conditions of termination outlined in your employment contract, layoffs can either take immediate effect or be scheduled for a later date Companies decides the effective date based on x-factor’s involved such as economic condition, legal obligations, goodwill or sometime’s VC’s pressure. Let’s discuss some effective date during some lay-offs: Layoffs … Read more

How to Improve Credit Score with Credit Card

how to improve credit card score

Improving credit score with credit card, If you are planing to buy a  new house or car loan.  For any kind of loan, the most important ratio is credit card score; based on which any bank will decide the interest rate for loan. You might be surprised to know that you can improve your credit score … Read more

Best 5 Financial Goal Ideas – You Must Follow

finance goal ideas

Financial goal ideas can help you set your mark on the foundation of personal finance journey. Goals must be always achievable with present resource under the current environment otherwise it becomes dreams. financial dream is also good but for this article, we will strict our ideas to achievable financials goals. How to Set Financial Goal? … Read more

The CTO Salary Spectrum: All You Must Know to Become CTO

how to become CTO

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a critical role in any organization, responsible for overseeing the strategy, development, and implementation of all technology related infrastructure and tasks. The compensation for this role is highly dependent on various factors, including the size and business of the company, the responsibilities of the CTO, the availability of ESOPs, … Read more

How to Save up first USD 10,000 in cash

How to Save USD 10000

Save up first USD 10,000 may look like Mount Everest at the glance, but as well know even Mt. Everest can be climbed but definitely the journey will be difficult to save the first USD 10,000. Obviously, the journey for each of you to save the money will be totally different as there will be … Read more

5 Must Have Digital Assets to put in your portfolio

top 5 digital assets

What’s Virtual Digital Assets? Virtual digital assets are assets that exist online, rather than in physical form. You can see them but not feel it, that’s why the word “Virtual Digital”. World is up-grading, so it is the time to upgrade our investment portfolio as well. For better foundation of personal finance, there is an … Read more

How to cleverly answer expected salary in an Interview?

Expected salary

What’s your expected salary? This is the most haunting question during interview or the last question, which we all know is going to come. The first thing you can do about the expected salary before knowing about how to say it is “Know your Worth” You should do a proper analysis of worth of your … Read more

How to use book now pay later for travel?

how to Book now pay later

Book now pay later is the best option as traveller can get, it was so easy to book my international trip as well. Most of the people think that book now and pay later travel is legit or not, I have recently used makemytrip for my international trip to Europe and it made my life … Read more